Transportation Management Software Can Enhance Your Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, or Great Plains Experience

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Technology Services

Gathering shipping quotes from a bunch of carriers can take quite a lot of time. Between requesting quotes, following up with your contact, and comparing them, you could spend hours just trying to find a decent rate. In the consumer world, there are sites that provide multiple quotes from several companies in nearly any industry from travel to car insurance. But in the commercial world, the technology seems a little behind the curve.

Enhancing Your Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, or Great Plains Experience

So what exactly do we mean by “enhance your experience”? Amrate is a TMS solution that can fit within the infrastructure you’ve already set up, which means you don’t have to toggle between two screens, two sets of data, or even two windows to get the information you need. It also means that when you pull up a client account, you can get all of the shipping information you need at one time—without searching, calling for tracking information or calling to get a quote from a shipping company.

Amrate provides multiple carrier quotes inside the platform you already use. You’ll be able to see all of the LTL shipping information you need at once including rates, routing, tracking, and freight information. You can also use the data in Amrate to create reports from your regular platform, whether that’s Great Plains, MS Dynamics, SAP, or Oracle. Not only will this prevent you from needing another logistics software, but it allows you to have one single solution for all of your information.

Why Add Integrative Logistics Software?

One of the major benefits of adding transportation management logistics software to your existing platform is integrating the information you have with information you need from another source. Amrate software from Amware makes it easy for you to get several quotes at one time.

By marrying that information with your client data, you can find a shipping solution that best fits your needs depending on the rate, routing, and shipment size. And unlike some other software options Amrate also allows you to get a better LTL shipping rate than you might otherwise. Amware has professional relationships with a variety of shipping carriers and can pass that savings onto you, so you can do the same for your customers.

In addition to providing pricing and routing information, the Amrate software also provides integrated tracking information for LTL. The benefit of this is that Amrate can live in the cloud, where you can access it at any time, or the software can be integrated into your current platform to enhance your experience there.

Integration is an Easily Customizable Process

The Amrate software is incredibly easy to fit within your existing technology infrastructure. Here’s how it works: the Amware team will use or build APIs or interfaces for your existing software. Then, the Amrate software will interface with the database of the ERP system to pass data back and forth. The data integration can happen in as little as one day, after which you can be fully up and running with full integration with the Amrate software in as little as one month.

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About Dan Ramella

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