Common LTL Shipping Challenges and How to Overcome Them

by | Jul 22, 2021 | 3PL, Less Than Truckload

Less than truckload or LTL shipping is a cost-effective way to ship goods throughout the country. You can use it to transport small freight or freight that doesn’t require an entire trailer. By using LTL shipping, you can enjoy the benefits of professional shipping without dishing out a great deal of money on space that you simply don’t need. While LTL shipping comes with many advantages, it also brings about several challenges that we’ll discuss below.


Finding a Carrier Can Be a Challenge

LTL shipping isn’t offered by all carriers, often making it challenging to find a carrier. Rather than searching for individual LTL carriers, consider partnering with a 3PL who will typically have relationships with multiple LTL carriers. Here at Amware, we have relationships with all the major U.S. carriers.


LTL Freight Rates Vary

There are a number of factors that determine LTL shipping rates including zip code, class weight, and additional services. You’ll find that some LTL carriers are more expensive than others. However, choosing the cheapest one isn’t always the best idea. Try to opt for a carrier that can provide you with competitive pricing and excellent service.


LTL Shipments are a Lower Priority

The reality is that LTL shipments are typically given lower priority than other types of shipments. This may be because your carrier is in a tighter capacity situation and has less room available for your freight.

A tighter capacity situation may arise because of economic factors, government regulations, fewer trucks, or a shortage of truck drivers. To become the shipper of choice to a carrier and ensure your shipments are higher on their priority list, communicate with them openly, pay them on time, and be respectful to their truck drivers.


Insufficient Insurance Coverage

Many businesses that ship using the LTL method don’t buy enough insurance or forgo insurance altogether. The thought process is typically “why should I pay for insurance when I’m only shipping small freight that doesn’t require an entire trailer.” We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry as replacing your freight (even if it’s small) can cost you far more than insurance.


Failure to Use Pallets

Pallets are portable platforms used to package items for freight shipping. They come in various sizes and are designed to keep your goods in tip-top condition during their journey to their destination. Placing orders in pallets takes a bit of extra time but leaving loose packages in a truck is quite risky. You should make sure that your goods are always secured in pallets to prevent damage as well as lost shipments.


Contact Amware for LTL Today

If you are interested in learning more about LTL shipments and how they may be valuable to your business, contact us today. We can help you overcome the typical challenges associated with LTL. By using our custom LTL management software, Amrate, you’ll have access to LTL rates from all the major carriers, ensuring your LTL shipments receive the best rate and the best service. To request a free trial of Amrate, click below.



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About Dan Ramella

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