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Why do Freight Shipments Slow Down During the Holidays?

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Holiday, Less Than Truckload

Now that the holiday season is finally here, you should know that freight shipments will be slowing down. As a customer, this may not be apparent. Here’s why:

Holiday freight shipping

When you step foot into a drugstore, grocery store, department store, or any other type of store in October, November, and December, you’ll notice that its loaded with Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah decorations. These stores are packed with candy, stocking stuffers, holiday related home decor, and many other items that remind you of the holiday season.

While you may appreciate the holiday vibe these stores have created, you may not think about how all of these holiday items have made their way into the stores. In most cases, these items were shipped by a freight company weeks if not months in advance.

During the holidays, many employers slow down. If a freight company honors a holiday during the week, shipments that were supposed to be picked up that day could be pushed back.

For instance, if they are closed on a Friday due to a holiday, Friday shipments may be pushed back until Monday. When this happens, shipments that were supposed to occur on Monday get pushed back and a domino effect ensues.

Seasons of Shipping

To determine the ideal time to have your freight shipped, it’s important to understand the shipping seasons.

Season One

Season one goes from January through March. It’s fairly quiet because the holiday rush has come to an end. LTL shipments typically flow smoothly during this time.

Season Two

Season two starts in April and ends in July. This is a busy season, mainly because produce is in season and trucks are in greater demand.

Season Three

Season three runs from August to October and is considered the peak shipping season. During this season, people are placing many orders and preparing for back to school as well as the holidays.

Season Four

Also known as the holiday season, season four is in November and December. The start of this season is usually busy because customers are trying to ship last minute. However, things eventually slow down and there is a greater truck availability.

If your LTL shipments are time-sensitive, it’s best to utilize expedited LTL.

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