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Next-Generation Transportation Management System

What’s new in Amrate 7.0?

In addition to all the great features of its predecessor, Amrate 7.0 now offers:

  • The most aggressive pricing we’ve ever been able to offer on LTL and FTL rates
  • Faster delivery of LTL and FTL rates
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard 
  • Fully Customizable Reporting

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Streamline LTL Quoting and Save up to 30% Annually

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Enterprise Organizations

Enhance Your Supply Chain

Is the transportation logistics component of your supply chain as efficient and cost-effective as you’d like? Amware has over 60-years of experience helping enterprises streamline and augment their warehousing and freight shipping.

Soft Cost Logistics Savings

Transportation managers and shipping departments often waste countless man-hours procuring and managing freight quotes with individual carriers. Many more support hours are then consumed once the shipment leaves the dock. Amware can help streamline the LTL and FTL quoting process within your enterprise.

Technology Integration

Rather than forcing transportation and shipping managers to add another piece of third-party software to their process, we can seamlessly integrate Amrate 7.0 into most commercial ERP, WMS, and database-driven business and inventory management systems.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Short and Long-Term Savings on Freight

Amrate 7.0 allows small and medium-sized businesses to start saving on LTL freight shipments on day 1. Over time, these savings will add direct dollars to your business’ bottom line.

Eliminates the Headache of Managing Freight Shipments

What happens if your shipment gets lost, stolen, or is damaged during transit? Amware’s first-class support team removes the burden of freight management from your team by handling the process from start to finish. In the event an issue arises, Amware handles the claims process on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your business, not your freight.

Speed and Flexibility

Amrate 7.0 will deliver LTL quotes from all of the major carriers quickly and accurately. Amrate is also a secure, cloud-based platform, offering virtual workers access to vital shipping information as quickly and easily as an on-site employee.

Agents and Partners

Warehouse and Logistic Partners Can Add New Revenue Streams

With the Amrate 3PL Partner Program, we have developed a robust yet simple LTL software platform for Warehouse and Logistics professionals to provide another value-add service to their customers while in turn generating revenue for all their LTL shipments.

Soft Landing For Carrier Reps to Become Independent Agents

Making the leap from salaried employee to independent freight agent can be scary. Amware knows what a big decision this can be, but we also know how lucrative an independent agent’s earnings can be. We offer new agents several options to ease their transition. 

Freight Agents Come First

Amware puts Agents first by educating, guiding, and providing the resources to help new agents maximize their potential. Additionally, we offer our agents the most aggressive commissions in the 3PL industry along with a fair and competitive contract.


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We have looked at other solutions and weren’t very happy with them. The AMRATE customer service really stands out as a differentiator. We are able to get a hold of someone quickly. Some of the services that other companies provide are inconsistent. Things such as receiving freight in a timely manner are important.

Don Batke

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