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When to Use Expedited LTL Shipping

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Holiday, Less Than Truckload

As the holiday season gets into full swing, retailers may want to plan ahead for when things go awry. Lost shipments, late deliveries, and damaged goods simply aren’t an option when stock is in high demand and short supply. Expedited LTL shipping can be the solution for several holiday season challenges. Check out this list of five situations where using expedited LTL shipping could bring a bit of holiday cheer.


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Specified Delivery Date

Weather events, construction areas, and traffic congestion can mean problems with on-time delivery. So when the end customer needs a shipment delivered by a certain date, expedited shipping can be the best way to meet their needs. To expedite the shipping process and ensure the LTL shipping load is delivered on time, over the road drivers (OTRs) and larger carrier networks can mean the difference between a late shipment and another on-time delivery.

Special Events

Expedited shipping is often the best option for making sure special, high-value events are a success. Trade shows, customer events, and grand openings are planned months in advance with marketing teams creating booths, marketing materials, and other fixtures for the big day. When part of the shipment doesn’t arrive or arrives late, the whole event can be in jeopardy. With expedited shipping, Amware can coordinate the delivery of all the necessary items so the event team can focus on generating leads, instead of replacement parts.

High Value Items

Holiday theft is a concern both in residential communities as well as for cargo, where shipments can be left unattended for long periods of time. Because the goal of expedited shipping is to get the LTL shipment to its destination as soon as possible, only high-value approved carriers and drivers are utilized. This means valuable products get from Point A to Point B with as little disruption as possible, and arrive safely and on-time. For big holiday shipments and valuable items, expedited shipping is the safest option.

Dedicated Delivery Service

When a special delivery needs special attention, expedited LTL shipping can be the least risky option. To avoid transferring shipping cargo, mix-ups with other cargo, and cross-deck transfers, dedicated deliveries are shipped using expedited shipping and given special attention. This type of cargo typically ships with a premium service on a dedicated truck and is given the special attention it deserves throughout the shipping process.

Back Orders and Shortages

Big holiday orders can necessitate big holiday shipments of stock that has been back ordered or is in short supply. When the item does back into stock, getting it shipped as soon as possible is integral to business success. Using expedited shipping by OTR transportation or air freight could mean a saved holiday for your customers and your bottom line.

Expedited LTL delivery services

When it comes to meeting customer needs, expedited shipping can make the difference. As a third-party logistics provider, Amware makes it easy for you to find the shipping service you need to meet your business goals–whether that’s moving a high value item or getting that hot ticket item to your main retailers.

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About Brad Mullins

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