Becoming an Amware Freight Agent – Lunch and Learn Event

by | May 11, 2016 | Agent Partnership

Have you ever considered becoming an independent freight agent?

A freight agent typically works as an independent businessperson who’s attached to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company. The freight agent sells all of the same products and services they’re used to selling with the big carrier (and often more), but runs and operates their own company.

As a 3PL with over 60 years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of carrier reps make the leap. Some have struggled, while others have double or tripled their annual earnings! We know why the successful agents have performed well and we know why the agents who struggled ultimately failed. Now we want to share this wealth of knowledge with you at our upcoming FREE lunch-and-learn event on June 15th.

We will be covering the following topics as part of the event:

  • What can independent agents actually earn?
  • Why have some agents floundered and other agents soared? This is where we will share our proven method of success based on our years of experience.
  • How does a carrier rep actually make the leap and become an agent?
  • The Amware Agent Transition Assistance Program. We will share with you how our unique program can help ease you into becoming an agent without impacting your income.
  • Q&A – Our Agent experts will be on hand to answer your specific questions.

If you think you have what it takes to start your own business and you’re ready to learn more, click below and register today! Space is limited.


Freight Agent Lunch and Learn

About Dan Ramella

About Dan Ramella

Dan Ramella is a member of Amware's executive team, helping drive growth and manage key relationships. With over 20-years experience in the transportation and logistics industry, Dan has helped Amware become one of Northeast Ohio's premier 3PLs