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How Small Packages Travel

Parcel shipping is the most common type of shipping for both residential and business customers in the U.S. Parcel shipments are typically individual boxed or wrapped packages that weigh less than 70 pounds and may measure 130 combined inches along its two longest sides.

At Amware, we help clients by creating Custom Parcel Solutions. Our customized programs are designed around your parcel activity. Our goal is to decrease your current parcel costs and to increase your savings. Each unique program has key markers built-in to maximize your strategy while offering you a leg up on the competition.

Benefits include:

  • Custom Parcel Agreements
  • Zone Omission
  • Track & Trace
  • Manifesting
  • Improved Incentive Tiers
  • Up-Front Estimates
  • Decrease/Eliminate Accessorial Charges
  • Recovery Auditing

What is ParcelRate?

ParcelRate is Parcel Analytics and Cost Saving Software

Amrate’s ParcelRate software program is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Up to this point, companies would typically hire parcel consultants to review and analyze their parcel agreements and annual spend. Until now, those consultants were using their years of experience and deep knowledge of how parcel contracts work. While they worked to save their clients’ money on parcel, they have struggled to provide the hard data and analytics to support their savings claims.


ParcelRate opens the door to the data and provides clients with a transparent view into their specific parcel agreement and, most importantly, parcel spend.


ParcelRate offers the intelligence component to marry along with your Amrate consultant’s expertise. Now, Amrate can show you what short and long-term savings you can expect to see on your annual parcel spend.

How Does ParcelRate Work?

Amrate professionals gather your current parcel contract information and upload to the ParcelRate software platform. Once loaded, you’ll have full transparency into your parcel shipping data. ParcelRate analyzes over 56 contract points, more than any other provider, and we’re adding more every month.

ParcelRate offers users:

  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Invoice Summaries
  • Full Suite of Reports

ParcelRate offers high level KPI views for:

  • Shipping Charges
  • Package Volume
  • Cost Per Package
  • Cost Per Pound
  • Average Zone

While ParcelRate can show you short-term audit savings, the real value lies in the realized business impact of the contract as a whole.

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