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Like a Taxi Ride for Freight

The term Drayage means moving freight short distances. According to Wikepedia, “the term originally meant “to transport by a sideless cart”, or dray. Such carts, pulled by dray horses, were used to move goods short distances, historically limited by the physical limitations of a dray horse. Dray activities generally occurred at marine ports, spreading to canal and rail terminals. Over time, the dray horse was replaced by the delivery truck.”

While many years have passed since using dray horses to transport freight to ships, the basic principal still remains in tact today. Drayage services might include Amware shipping products via semi-truck to a port or shipping dock where the cargo would then be taken from the truck and loaded on to shipping containers for overseas transport.

Drayage service might also be used to transport many goods from a drop-off point to a centralized location like a convention center, shopping mall, or event site. Once delivered to the event, goods are then distributed to individual vendors from that central “drayage point.”

Amware’s container drayage division was started to address the needs of Amware’s Warehouse customers for on time, reliable, and cost effective container transportation for both international and domestic containers.

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